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Healing Journey Tattoos | Elicia Miller Photography | Essence Photoshoot


People Magazine Photograph | Elicia Miller Photography
Photoshoot for People Magazine Article | Elicia Miller Photography

As Featured In
People Magazine

The intention and energy of this photoshoot accelerated Dylan into his purpose. A year later, his donor advocacy and my photos of him were featured in People Magazine!

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Joy Essence | Elicia Miller Photographer

Welcome To

Elicia Miller Photography

Hello, my name is Elicia Miller, I am an internationally published photographer now living in the South of France and traveling the world.


I love working ​​with entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, coaches, practitioners, therapists, yoga and meditation teachers, and mystics!

Nature is our studio

Your nature is my subject


During photoshoots, I combine my passion for photography, keen marketing eye, and my intuitive and healing gifts to bring out and reveal your true essence in stunning photos. The result is a variety of compelling photos for you to use on your website and on social media.


My photos will help your authentic self shine for the world to connect with, which is often missing in typical professional photos.


Your clients will first connect with your energy in your images, and then they will read your words (or not).

By revealing your authentic self, I support you in your passion, purpose, and life.


Have fun and shine bright!

Elicia xo

Soulful Eyes Essence Photoshoot | Elicia Miller Photography


Capturing your essence to show you different parts of yourself to embrace and value so you, and others, can connect to your authentic self.

Healer Profile Photo Brand Photoshoot | Elicia Miller Photography


Your photos are the most important part of your brand. Capturing your authentic essence is even more important than a pretty professional photo. Your authentic energy will draw people to you.


Couples, engagement, elopement, pregnancy and other special moment photos infused with the love you share, enhanced by nature.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Dancer | Elicia Miller Photography


Capture and share the feelings, moments, and transformation that happens during your group retreat, workshop, classes and special events.

Womans Retreat Event Photoshoot | Elicia Miller Photography
BlossomingJourney_featured image.png

My Transformational Photoshoots are an Energy Process + Photographic Revelation to reveal and realize your gifts, so you can more fully embody your vision.

A Word From
My Clients

Rhiannon Branding Photoshoot | Elicia Miller Photography

Elicia’s photographs supported me in not only witnessing but embodying my power as a professional in the mental health field. I am so grateful for her generosity as she provided a variety of edits and poignant marketing suggestions that supported me in building my website as well. Elicia is a masterful photographer who draws out your most authentic and empowered self through her photoshoots. She creates a comfortable, directive, intuitive, precise and supportive environment for your essence to shine through. Elicia utilizes her keen eye to capture your moments of magic, embodiment and truth. If you are looking for authentic, intuitive and beautiful visual branding then book a photoshoot with Elicia!"


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Stock Image by Ailbhe Flynn on Elicia Miller Photography website

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