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A Note From Elicia About Too Much Makeup

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

To see someone’s essence and capture it is one of my gifts. Personally, I have had many of my own photoshoots and had waaay too much makeup on. In addition, the photographer put me into various poses and didn’t really see me or my essence, and my gifts were not conveyed through the photographs.

Makeup Brushes (stock) | Elicia Miller Photography

Let’s talk about makeup. I like it, I like how you can shine with the right amount of it. But if you cover your face so much makeup, more than you would ever normally wear, it covers your essence like a mask. Does it make people connect with you or are you hidden behind another mask like a character that you are playing? The result is often a beautiful photo of someone not real and less approachable.

If you usually wear a lot of makeup, wear it. But if you don’t, please only wear what you want to cover up and enhance who you really are. When I see photos of me with tons of makeup on, I don’t see me at all.

Your photos are the most important part of your brand, website, and social media presence. Your clients first connect with your energy in your images, and then they read your words. Your authentic energy will draw people to you. Inauthentic energy and fake images will turn them off.

The people who are drawn to me trust me and say that I am real. To be real, really you, makes you stand out from the rest and attracts the ones who are meant to work with you.

My images of you will also reveal different aspects of you to accept, value, realize and express, and even to aspire to express more.

My photos are revealing, empowering, and aspirational for you to grow into and realize more of your potential.

I am not just capturing a pretty image of you. Putting on a lot of makeup and hiring a stylist doesn’t mean you will look good, who you really are may not even be seen.

I want you to express your truth and see who you really are so you are seen and appreciated, first by you, and then by those who are looking for you.

With so much love and sparkle,



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